Induction Week

To welcome us to our Fine Art course at Cardiff Metropolitan, we were introduced to the Fine Art tutors and were split into groups where we created an installation piece using the postcards from our summer work. Our installation filled the room, travelling through the blank space between walls and being suspended in the air, creating a depth out of 2D objects. The postcards were carefully positioned in an order from intense colour to a subdued palette, showing a natural flow.

My postcards both fit in the end with the subdued colour palette, one being a pastiche to British artist Ben Nicholson, and the other, a pencil drawing of an old English letterbox.

To create my pastiche, I selected ‘1945 (still life)’ by Nicholson and took elements of its composition and colour to recreate it. Adopting similar techniques to Ben Nicholson, I painted straight onto a wooden board, pulled back and reworked the paint to create layers.

I chose to draw a letterbox on my second postcard as I wanted to play on the idea of a postcard and its journey to where it ends up; therefore I decided to draw where I was posting it. Additionally I added an old stamp to increase its sense of reality as functioning post.


Summer Work

The first artwork I made for my summer task was a drawing of a collection of 10 vintage objects using graphite pencils. I chose to draw old objects I collected at car boot sales as each would have had a past behind them, creating a history within my drawing.

My second piece of artwork, I made in response to artists Philip Eglin and Joel Penkman, etching old teacups onto handmade mugs to show the contrast between norms from the past and the present.

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My name is Evie Banks and I am a BA (Hons) Fine Art student studying at Cardiff Metropolitan University. This blog will be a documentation of what I get up to throughout my three years at Cardiff Met.