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Jordan Clark

Bobby Baker

Pablo Picasso

Francis Bacon

Auguste Rodin



Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow September

Light is Colour


Lightbulb Portraits

Collage workshop


Lightbulb Portraits

After the slip casting workshop I had several lightbulbs to create a piece of work out of. I decided to paint my Nan’s portraits onto them and have the background of each progressing closer and closer towards black to signify the loss of mentality in my Nan’s mind. The play by using lightbulbs is that the light is going out.

Although I like the basic idea of using colour to signify the loss in identity and it is something that I will continue to explore within my work, I don’t really like this final piece as I think it is a bit too cliché. The board in which I attached them to was shabby ineffectual for the bulbs, dulling their outcome. Additionally, the portraits look out of place against the lighter backgrounds and I think the lightbulbs could have been displayed in a more effective format. For instance, I think it would have been more compelling to have them hanging from the ceiling, mirroring real lightbulbs.


Summer Work

The first artwork I made for my summer task was a drawing of a collection of 10 vintage objects using graphite pencils. I chose to draw old objects I collected at car boot sales as each would have had a past behind them, creating a history within my drawing.

My second piece of artwork, I made in response to artists Philip Eglin and Joel Penkman, etching old teacups onto handmade mugs to show the contrast between norms from the past and the present.

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