Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow, September

A prominent theme that has occurred throughout my work is the idea of collections. Although I didn’t initially mean for this to happen in my final pieces, the use of collections is a concept that I really like to use. I like having several pieces of work that fit together to form a stronger meaning, and in the case of my ‘Life on Roaccutane’ subject piece and ‘Alzheimer’s Disease Series 2’ field piece, tell a continuous story.

In the Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow, September material project I created a large span of screen printing and cyanotypes that I divided down into categories and sorted into different arrangements. I displayed each collection in different ways. Some were put up on the wall, others sat in handmade envelopes and some were hand-bound into books. However all linked together to create one large collection of prints.

It is clear that my heavy use of collections in Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow, September that I found successful and was really pleased with, had a significant impact on my final pieces as each consist of 2 or more pieces of work.


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BA (Hons) Fine Art Student at Cardiff Metropolitan University

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