Bobby Baker

Bobby Baker was extremely influential for my ‘Life on Roaccutane’ paintings as of the focus of both our works on mentality.

Bobby Baker did a series of 711 paintings documenting her mental health and experiences in hospitals and psychiatric wards. Her paintings became a way for her to express her thoughts and emotions which is a concept that has been really influential for my work, as my paintings are solely focused on my thoughts and feelings experienced on Roaccutane. Although my side effects are completely caused by my medication and are in no way as severe as Baker’s mental health issues, both stand as personal accounts documenting our thoughts and emotions in the present. I like the idea of creating a continuing narrative similar to Baker on my experiences so may continue to make even more paintings if I experience any new side effects.

There is a naive quality in Baker’s work that I love so much. It is less about the aesthetic value and more about the personal connection to the paintings. Originally Baker’s paintings were not intended to be seen by the public leading to an honesty in her work that I tried to translate into some of my portraits, however I struggled with this and don’t think I managed to do so completely successfully. The colours Baker uses are extremely passionate and resonate well in what she is portraying. I think this use of colour is key as well for me in some of my paintings as certain colours associated with different emotions (such as black blues and greys for depression) can tell the viewer more about my experiences than some of the portraits.


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