Lithography Workshop

I took part in a 5 week lithography workshop, a method of printing using a block of limestone. I decided to produce a portrait of my Nan to carry on my exploration into Alzheimer’s disease. It was really hard to draw onto the stone accurately so my portrait ended up looking distorted and abstract. However I quite like this slightly abstracted portrait as it portrays a more honest deterioration. The slight distortion in profile reminded me a lot of Picasso’s portraits.

I found the lithography very time consuming as it it such a long process to get the stone prepped for printing. I really like the effect the prints create, however as it takes so long to prep, it is a technique I would use for final pieces rather than just experimentation.

The abstracted portrait I was able to achieve from lithography is something I want to continue within my work but maybe using a different form of printing, due to how long it takes to prepare and get prints.




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BA (Hons) Fine Art Student at Cardiff Metropolitan University

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