Light Is Colour

This workshop was heavily focused around colours, and how light is colour. We used screen printing to express this.

In this second workshop we began by mixing two colours from 2 complementary primary colours. I used the colours lemon yellow and magenta to create a deep purple and mustard yellow.

In groups we then created screens to print with by creating geometric forms and exposing them. My group decided to go with two designs. On one we used only circles to create a pattern, overlapping them heavily. I was really pleased with the effect this created. On the second screen we decided to go for an opposite and used only rectangles to create a pattern. Together they complemented each other well.


We then began to print in a variety of colours with our screens, overlapping and angling the prints to create interesting patterns.

From these prints we then made practice maquettes to experiment with what we could create:



We were really pleased with how this maquette turned out so decided to make a bigger version but have it in 3 different sizes, with the smaller cubes inside the bigger ones. We made the cubes double sided and cut out sections so you could see through and are hit with an array of colours. We hung the cube sculpture from the ceiling using invisible thread so the cubes spun around and looked like they were floating.


I was really pleased with the final outcome of our project as I think it worked really well as a piece. I really like the bold colours and contrast between the geometric shape of the installation compared to the circles of the print. The use of colour is a technique I want to pursue in my Field work as I think it would be a more conceptual and less obvious way of portraying my Nan’s deterioration in mental health. I could choose to fade the colour in my work to symbolise the fade in identity.


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BA (Hons) Fine Art Student at Cardiff Metropolitan University

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