Collage Workshop

I found this workshop key in the development of my work as it introduced me to Jordan Clarke, an artist that had great influence on my subject piece ‘Alzheimer’s Series 1’ in my use of collage to distort identity. Additionally, I was able to learn new skills, such as using the app Procreate to create digital collages by sourcing images off of the internet. This collage workshop also taught me to be resourceful in materials and encouraged me to collect scraps that could be later used in work. This ended up influencing me profoundly as I saved every single pill packet from my roaccutane course thinking that they could end up having a future use for something and they ended up being heavily incorporated into one of my final pieces.

Working with Traditional Collage: Part 1

We began this workshop by looking at different collage artists. This helped me create an understanding of the different techniques in collage I could use.

What I particularly liked about this workshop was how I had less control in my collage’s outcomes as I was limited to the images I found in the magazines. This meant I had no plan of what I was going to create beforehand, I simply cut images out I liked and took inspiration off of them as a group to create a theme in my final collages.

My first collage focused around the change in marketing and beauty in the past compared to now. I assembled old advertising images from vintage magazines as well as current beauty trends and fashion marketing from the present day. However, I found that my final collage looked more like a mood board than a collage as the images were so small compared to the size of the paper. I decided to cut my original collage up into 3 smaller collages.

I then created 3 smaller collages the same size as a playing card. One being fully drawn, the second being fully collage and the final being part collage part drawing. I found it fun to experiment with these different combinations and techniques for creating collage.


My final collage is a combination of different images I sourced that created quite a contrast. I used a combination of a 1930’s hollywood actress with what looks like a ski-fi comic book page. I also used techniques like cutting back the surface to highlight certain areas and cut dots out and stuck them on the top creating a geometric pattern.


Traditional Collage into Digital Collage: Part 2

The second part of the collage workshop we created digital collages using Procreate on iPads. Instead of sourcing images from magazines we used the internet which meant we had unlimited access to whatever images we wanted.

I decided to create a collage focusing around the contrast between Pop culture and world issues. I included pictures of current world issues including ISIS bombings and compared it to what paparazzi are focusing on in celebrity culture. I also included famous figures within my collage. I took the famous image of the Syrian boy in the back of the ambulance and compared it to Kim Kardashian’s Paper shoot where she tried to ‘break the internet’. Both images are iconic but for completely different reasons. I layered these different images not op of each other, played with the opacity so you could see other images coming through from behind and used the rubber tool to create a sense of reality.




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